The technique used in his work is oil and technique mixed, on different media (canvas, wood and burlap) using materials of nature (earths and sands) in combined mixed processes, a variety of volumes and colours connecting with feelings.

Through colour, the work highlights the real artistic scene of the moment transforming our interior using as a tool matter paintings that are part of their formative structure. The same hue, colour range, in addition to the conception of form diversification leading to the overall image, will have several distinct meanings that will overlay.

Shows, Exhibitions and Projects

Different local e international, solo shows and group exhibitions, such as Bullfighting collections: reproducing the essence of settings in the tradition of People in Bullfighting Arenas, combining at exhibitions strictly bullfighting compositions with the more abstract concept, whilst those traditional compositions remain abstract too. This identifies his work as whole, the power of colours making up the composition of stains that will determine the shape of the final work.

Art Exhibitions, calendar:

  • Madrid: Exhibition-Contest AEPE "Goya, 75th Anniversary of the birth" Sala "Eduardo Úrculo" _April-June 2021,
  • Oviedo: Individual Exhibition, Space BBVA of the city Oviedo (Asturias)_2020,
  • Madrid: Circle of Fine Arts_Biennial of Art between Spain and Japan, Era Heisei - Reiwa 2019,
  • Mallorca: ES Cantó_ permanent sample of art room. Carrer d´En Cristófor Colom,45 Portocolom-Mallorca_Oct.18-20,
  • Menorca: Decorative pictorial project, of the reform of the dome of a house in Mahón_Junio 2019-20,
  • Madrid: Bienale Art Maison, Círculo Bellas Artes Madrid_Oct.2019,
  • Argentina: Abstract Painting Contest "Matron Mario Saslousky" _June 2019,
  • Toledo: Art Fair OASIS_June 2018,
  • Madrid: III Abstract salon, of the AEPE_Exhibition halls, "Juana Francés" and "Pablo Serrano" of Madrid_June 2018,
  • Osaka: Art Fair Osaka(Japan)_May 2018,
  • Madrid: Almoneda_Fair of Antiques, Art Gallerys and Collecting. Stand Eka & Moor Gallery_April 2018
  • Madrid: Bellas Artes Taurinas 2018 Plaze the Ventas of Madrid_March-May 2018,
  • Madrid: 53 editions of Queen Sofía, for AEPE, Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores_March 2108,
  • New York: Artbox New York 1.0 Contemporary Art_March 2018,
  • Madrid: Individual exposition, Eurostars Central Hotel of Madrid_January-February 2018,
  • Madrid: Colective exposition, Eka & Moor Gallery of Madrid_December 2017,
  • Madrid:Art event "1001 Atmosphera D - Trends"Stand Cyan Living_November-December 2017,
  • Alicante: Exhibition, Space Eka & Moor Gallery, in the Ateneo art of Alicante_November 2017,
  • Málaga: ART FAIR MÁLAGA´17_Jun-July 2017,
  • Baeza-Jaén: "La Tienda del Olivo" of the Pópulo of Baeza, exibition permanet 2017,
  • Córdoba: Aires Gallery, Feb.-Mar.2017
  • Madrid: CYAN_Living, permanent sample of art room Dec. 2016- April.2018,
  • Madrid: Eka & Moor Gallery, May 2016,
  • Madrid: ALMONEDA 2016_Antiques, Art Galeries and Colecting_IFEMA, April 2016,
  • Madrid: Orfila Gallery, Feb-Mar.2016,
  • Chile: ch.ACO 2015_Santiago de Chile, Sept.2015,
  • Guadalajara: Exhibition, culture space of Ibercaja, Mar.2015,
  • Edinburgh: Art Fair, with Gaudí Gallery, Nov. 2014,
  • Gijón: Exhibition, space Art of the "Palace of Riega", in Somio, Oct.2014,
  • Madrid: Stand IFEMA-Decoration and Present International Fair,Sept.2014
  • Madrid: Alicia Rey Gallery, May-July 2014
  • Madrid: Diogenes Gallery, May-Jun 2014
  • Madrid: Contempory Art Fair, May-Jun 2014
  • Madrid: Almoneda stand Galería Le Petit Atelier Gallery, Ab.2014
  • Milán: Affordable Art Fair of Milán, Mar.2014
  • Madrid: Exhibition, Space Prado in the Ateneo art of Madrid, Feb.2014
  • Madrid: Exhibition, Alicia Rey Gallery, 29Nov.2013-En.2014
  • Santiago de Compostela: Public Room_NH Obradoirio,Nov.-Dec.2013
  • Córdoba: International Fair of plastics arts 2013
  • México DF: Affordable Art Fair, October 2013
  • Shanghai: Present Art Festival Shanghai, July 2013
  • Florence: Present Art Space Florence, July 2013
  • New York: Suit Corner Toshi - Hotel Flat Iron, May 2013
  • Miami: Artexpo-Midtwon Miami, at “Le Petit Atelier” Gallery, December 2012
  • Hamburg: Affordable art fair Hamburg, at “Le Petit Atelier” Gallery, November 2012
  • Vigo: Proyecto Aulas Abiertas (Open Classroom Project), donation of a painting, July-October 2012
  • Paris: Contemporary Art Fair - “Carrousel Du Louvre”, June 2012
  • Madrid: International Photography Award “Rita Castellote”, May 2012
  • Lérida: “Le Petit Atelier” Gallery, commission of a new work of art for the permanent exhibition, 2012
  • Madrid: Project: Corporate image of Iberian Hams “J. Pinto Marabotto”, 2011-2012
  • Madrid: Project: Decoration of consultancy firm Asesoría “Golden Broker” office, 2011- 2012
  • Madrid: Project: Decoration of Laboratorios “Grupo IFC”’ office, 2010-2012
  • Madrid: Project: Decoration of law firm “Nuevo Siglo” office, 2010-2012
  • Madrid: Casa de Cantabria, Solo show - “Show Room of Cantabria”, October 2011
  • Ibiza: “Oikoumene C.B.” Gallery, new work of art in deposit, July 2011
  • Lérida: “Le Petit Atelier” Gallery, new work of art, June/July 2011
  • Córdoba: Solo show-”Lawyers Association of Córdoba Show Room”, March/April 2011
  • Vitoria:  Solo show -”BDK Show Room”, January/March 2011
  • Madrid:  Group exhibition. Special format -”Paz Feliz” Gallery, November 2010/March 2011
  • Ourense:  Solo show “Art Question” Gallery, work of art in deposit, April 2010/January 2011
  • Madrid:  Group exhibition -”Paz Feliz” Gallery, July/August 2010
  • Madrid: Group exhibition -”Antiquary Victor i Fills” Gallery, June 2010
  • Madrid: Project. Decorate Telefonía “Open Wave” office, May-July 2010.
  • Madrid: Solo show -”Antonio Bienvenida Show Room” at Las Ventas Bullfighting Arena. The Taurine Museum acquired the painting “ Ventas Clock” April 10
  • Berlin: Group exhibition -“Artspace-Berlin” Gallery, February/March 2010
  • London: Group exhibition -“Affordable Art Collection 09” October/November 2009
  • San Lorenzo del Escorial: Solo show – “Show room of the Culture Department of the City Hall”, July 2009
  • Barcelona: Group exhibition – Diocesan Museum of the Cathedral of Barcelona “Pía Almoina Museum” June/July 2009
  • Barcelona: Group exhibition – Balmes district at “Global Present Art” Gallery, June 2009/work of art in deposit
  • Córdoba: “Taurine Museum of Córdoba”- Permanent Collective Exhibition through the acquisition of a taurine table at the ceremony held at the Reales Alcázares by the Culture Department of the City Hall. June 2009
  • Córdoba: Solo show - “Real Círculo de la Amistad, Liceo y Ateneo” of Córdoba (Royal Friendship Circle and Cultural Centre of Córdoba), 17 September to 6 October 2008, with the inauguration   of the new show room Julio Romero de Torres,
  • Lérida: Solo show - ”Le Petit Atelier” Art Gallery, March 2009/work of art in deposit
  • Santander: Solo show - “Tartufo” show room, June 2008
  • Almería:     Group exhibition - “Verastilo” Gallery in Vera, 1 June 2008-30 June 2008/work of art in deposit
  • Segovia:     Solo show – at “Eurostars Plaza Acueducto” 10 December –10 February 2008
  • Mallorca: Group exhibition - 24 international artists, special Winter Exhibition - “Flohr Gallery” in Santanyi. 19 December 2007-19 February 2008
  • Málaga:     Group exhibition - “Arts and Artists Foundation” 2006
  • Oviedo:     Group exhibition - “Fundación Laboral de la Construcción del Principado de Asturias” 2006       (Construction Industry Peer Group of Asturias)
  • Madrid:     Solo show - “El Rastrillo, at Venta del Toro” (renowned charity Bazaar) December 2005
  • Madrid:     "Manola Art Shop at Chueca" July 2004.

Exhibitions at different places in Madrid centred in the discovery of different shades of colour, like the one in “Club Social Mirasierra”, and exhibitions set-up in different contemporary spaces of Chueca, this district being Madrid’s key artistic centre, among others, shows in “DAD”, “Casa Manola” o “Janatomo”, or in “Donde Marían” in the heart of Chamartin district.

In line with his abstract concept in the pursuit of light, reflecting matter in different colour contrasts, he participates at an international level in the sixth edition of the show Biennale Internazionale Dell´Arte Contemporanea – Citta di Firenze, at the historical Fortezza da Basso.

His works are exhibited abroad at Contemporary Art Fairs in different cities: Berlin, London, Paris, Florence, Hamburg, Miami, Shanghai, etc.

He is commissioned the decoration with his work of private homes of Madrid clients; the artistic refurbishment of the plant of Laboratorios IFC in Santander; and is responsible of the new image of the IFC Group office in Madrid. He produces different decoration projects for companies such as: Telefonía Open Wave, Consultores Golden Broker consultancy firm, Nuevo Siglo law firm, etc. and designs the corporate image for Iberian Hams Pinto Marabotto Ruiz. He participates in Le Petit Atelier gallery, in Contemporary Art fairs of Madrid and Marbella, and his work is displayed in galleries, institutions and stores specialized in art in Madrid, Córdoba, Almería, Málaga, Santander, Oviedo, Ibiza...


  • Madrid: Exhibition Contest AEPE "Goya, 75th anniversary of birth" Room "Ediardo Úrculo"_April-June 2021.
  • BBAA Madrid, Art Fair, of the Fine arte circle_between the country Spain and Japan, 2019-2020.
  • FAIM_Independent art fair of Madrid_June 2018.
  • OASIS FAIR, in Osaka_Japón and Toledo_Spain, for May-June 2018.
  • IFEMA Madrid: Almoneda_Fair of Antiques, Art Gallerys and Collecting. Stand Eka & Moor Gallery_April 2018.
  • ART FAIT MÁLAGA´17_June-July 2017.
  • ALMONEDA 2016_ Antiques, Art Galeries and Collecting Fair. Madrid_Abril 2016.
  • ch.ACO 2015, Contemporay Art Fair Santiago of Chile, September 2015.
  • Edinburgh Art Fair,November 2014.
  • Stand IFEMA, Internacional Decoration and Gift Fair Madrid,September 2014.
  • Contemport Art Fair Madrid, May-Jun 2014.
  • Contempory Art Fair Milán, Mar.2014.
  • ALMONEDA, Art Fair of Madrid, December 2013.
  • Contempory Art Fair Santiago de Compostela - NH Obradoiro 2013.
  • Contempory Art Fair México DF 2013.
  • Contemporary Art Fair Shanghai 2013.
  • Contemporary Art Fair Florence 2013.
  • Pool Art Fair New York - Hotel Flat Iron 2013.
  • Granada [FAIRART - 4th Edition] 2013.
  • Contemporary Art Fair Madrid: Art´Madrid, 13 February 2013.
  • Contemporary Art Fair Hamburg, December 2012.
  • Contemporary Art Fair Miami, November 2012.
  • Contemporary Art Fair Paris - Carrousel Du Louvre, June 2012.
  • Participates with a Stand: “Aparicio-Contemporary Art”, in the 1st Edition of EventoFair, of Suppliers and collaborators of company events, 7-11 April, at Pabellón de la Pipa, Madrid 2010.
  • Independent Art Fair Madrid, 21-24 November 2008, and 2009 edition.
  • Independent Art Fair London, in Battersea, 22-25 October 2009.
  • Contemporary Art Fair Marbella 2008, 10-14 September, and 2009 edition.
  • Independent Art Fair Cataluña. Lérida, 25-27 April 2008.
  • Biennale. Selected by the jury of the Florence Biennale Committee to exhibit the work that represents the distorted figure of a Christ (136x110), oil on canvas on aluminium base, at their facilities in the mythical Fortezza da Basso Spadolini di Firenze. Four other works of art of the artist have been selected for the catalogue of this renowned International Contemporary Art Fair, which was inaugurated on 1 December 2007.


  • Academic associate of Greci – Marino International Academy
  • Verbano di Lettere Arti Scienze Vinzaglio (Italy)
  • Casa Editrice 2007-2008, Special Mention at Biennale di Firenze 2007, ALBA 08 Ferrara Medal.


  • Recent events: Obra Social de Caja Madrid (Social Foundation of Caja Madrid), Fundació de les Arts i els Artistas Barcelona (Arts and Artists Foundation Barcelona), Fundación Ynglada Guillot Barcelona (Ynglada Guillot Foundation Barcelona), ABC VII Contemporary Art Award, Fundación Laboral de la Construcción del Principado de Asturias (Construction Industry Peer Group of Asturias), Fundación Gregorio Prieto de Valdepeñas (Gregorio Prieto de Valdepeñas Foundation), Fundación de las Artes y los Artistas de Málaga (Arts and Artists Foundation Málaga).
  • Finalist in the selection of a poster for San Fermín 2009, organized by the Cultural Centre of the City Hall of Pamplona, participating again in the 2010 poster edition.
  • Project: Plastic Arts Creativity Competition. Community of Madrid/Department of Culture and Sports. The finished work represents “VENTAS” the Bullfighting Arena of Madrid, capturing the representation in oil on canvas. After an initial transformation process working with different charcoal sketches, the objective of the project aims to represent that distorted taurine image on the wraps embracing the buildings under refurbishment in the streets of our community. Thus promoting public sympathy unto the popular roots of the national fiesta, supported by the relevant authorities of the Community of Madrid. Spaces in Madrid with Taurine spirit, exposing unique ideas at selected locations in the Community of Madrid. This idea can also be achieved by using photos of other paintings with different city themes such as the Plaza Mayor, Sol, etc... reflected in my work. Emphasizing on forging a closer relationship between our cultural heritage and the pedestrian citizen.

Exhibition and sale

  • Alicia Rey Gallery-C/Salitre,7-Madrid 28012.
  • Galería David Bardia-C/Villa Nueva,40-Madrid 28001.
  • Galería Orfila-C/Orfila,3-Madrid 28010.
  • Galería Gaudi-C/García de Paredes,76-Madrid 28010.
  • Galería Art Cuestion-Santa Cristina de Valariño-Ourense.
  • Galería Le Petit Atelier-C/Amsterdam,4-Lérida.
  • Estudio Made in YOU_Diseño Gráfico, C/Luis Cabrera,31-Madrid 28002.
  • Encandil´Arte,CC.Alcalá Norte, C/Alcalá–Madrid.
  • CYAN_Decoración y Arte, Plaza de Manuel Rodrigo,11-28043 Madrid.
  • De Tela_Interiorismo y Decoración, C/Moscatelar,5-28027 Madrid.


  • Member artist of Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo (Contemporary Art Institute)
  • Member artist of AEPE, association spaniar of painters and sculpterss (Madrid)
  • Member of Collaborator Friend Sponsors Program of the El Prado Museum (Madrid)
  • Friend of Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum (Madrid)
  • Member of Artistas Visuales Asociados Madrileños (AVAM) (Madrid Visual Arts Association)
  • Collaborator at Fundación Arte y Gastronomía (FAG) in Madrid (Art and Gastronomy Foundation)
  • Member of Grupo Artè editorial (FMR) of Milan (Group Artè Editorial)
  • Collaborator at the Young Artists Network of the Community of Madrid
  • Collaborator artist, of "Medical in Turkana"
  • Collaborator artist, of donation in "Orden de Caballería del Santo Sepulcro de Jerusalén"
  • Collaborator artist, of donation in "Open Scholl" in Peru
  • Collaborator artist, of donation in "Jointly concerts"in Madrid
  • Craftsman, of donation in "Ampostta"
  • Craftsman, of donation in "Christmas Famili¡y"

Catalogues and Publications

Different articles on his artistic style have been published, such as recent references in Plácet magazine, with his comments to the visit to the Contemporary Art Fair ARCO 2010 or in catalogues 06/07 of AVAM (Madrid Visual Arts Association).

Articles on his work are found in specialized media such as Revistart, Arte10 and ArteMadrid. There are 2 catalogues available expressing on the one hand the roots of bullfighting in the arenas and on the other hand the strength found in the abstract combination of colours. A reference is made in “FAIC” Catalogue, Fair de Arte Independiente de Cataluña (Independent Art Fair of Cataluña). International publications: Catalogue Bienale di Firenze 2007; International Dictionary of Contemporary Art; The News Saatchi Gallery for online artists; PICASSOMIO.

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