Ricardo Aparicio
1969 Sevilla

Accademico Associato Sesione Arte-Accademia Internazionale <<Greci-Marino>>.Self-taught painter, engaged in the search for a dynamic outlook of contemporary truth through the power of the colours, as the poet said "Walker, there is no road, the road is made by walking…”. Artist member of the Institute of Contemporary Art of the Spain.

Graduation of Marketing and business administration, in Crandon College-World University. Educational training art, obtained through his Specialization, with course of Bachelor in Art History at Madrid University_Udima, course of Graduate at the Prado Museum in Art History, Máster in Spanish Contemporary Culture at the University of Alcala de Henares and several related courses, and Máster in Valuation of antiquity and Art  at the School Art and Antiquity of Madrid, Decorator at the School Decoration of Madrid,such as the courses: “Real, Imaginary and Virtual Museum"or the specialized course “Teaching Art, new methods and techniques”, or about "Museum and patronage,today", "The Greco-IV Centuary",and "History of the Art:The Contempory World of the S.XVII at S.XX","Communicate the art","Tiziano", all at the Complutense University of Madrid and the Prado Museum, "The job of Picasso in Basilea", "Hispanic Society of America",and also events differents of the art, as: Journeys of History and Communication of UDIMA Madrid University,etc...He achieves pictorial knowledge at Alfredo Enguix’s studio.

Ricardo Aparicio in HOUZZ

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